Lately, I’ve been thinking about dreams.  The ones I have.  Those I can’t remember.  Why don’t I dream much lately?  Why do I only remember nightmares?  Recurring dreams I’ve had lately and the ones I remember from being very small.  I don’t know why it’s been on my mind so much, but I was inspired to post about it while I was visiting my buddy at Move Over Mary Poppins and reading a post about a dream she had.

It used to be that I dreamed all the time, and when I did, I could remember them vividly, in technicolor detail.  Now, if I remember a dream it’s because it was horrifying.  Granted, these don’t come along very often.  I just can’t see the justice in only recalling the bad ones. I remember working towards my GED diploma. Nowadays you can follow online GED classes such as those provided by GED Easy preparation, but in our days we had to go to school to learn it all…nightmares!

All this wondering brought to mind a recurring nightmare I had when I was young.  Very, very young.  I wasn’t old enough to have many memories from the time period aside from this dream.  I must have been 2 or 3 years old.  No.  Maybe older, because I just remembered the bike.  It was white with pink stars on the seat and streamers on the handlebars.  Maybe I was 4.  This bike was my getaway vehicle that starred in this particular dream.  On the bike, going as fast as I could with my short little legs, pedaling with ferocity and “running” for my life, I teetered along a ledge that ran the perimeter of a very tall building.  This thing I was trying to get away from was a pink “Popples” type anomaly.

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I dumped my purse.  I pulled a juvenile move and turned the thing, the monstrosity of a purse, smaller than I need, larger than I want, but still fashionable – upside down.  Curiosity got a hold of me.

This wasn’t supposed to be the topic of a Monday morning, but it is interesting what we stuff in there, isn’t it?  I’ve tried smaller purses.  I’ve organized until I stretch the smaller, less cumbersome purses to their seams’ limits.  It just doesn’t work for me.  There’s many times I’ve stuffed this one so full that I’m certain the next one is to be an overnight bag before I move on to a full blown suitcase.

The things that didn’t fall out, I won’t list…they’re safely occupying a zippered place or two.  What fell out doesn’t get immunity: Read more

There is a $20 daily tax fee for all New Yorkers. Meaning when you live in this city, the second you step outside to start your day, there goes $20 down the drain. Every single time. So when free stuff happens, it is a pretty exciting miracle.

Here is what’s going on now, that won’t cost you  a pretty penny.

1) Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversation exhibit at the Met. I love the Metropolitan Museum of Art, for the mere fact it is gorgeous, houses some of the most incredible masterpieces, and it is only suggested-donation based. Now through August 19th, the Schiaparelli and Prada exhibit is on display. You can see the amazing similarities in the two Italian women designers, even though decades separated them in time. Learn about what was influential back in the late 1930′s and how it has carried over to modern times. After the exhibit head up to the Met rooftop on the 6th floor and take in the views of central park and fifth avenue. Nothing gets better than this in the summer time.

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As per requested by a special person in my life, I am going to write about the differences between a favor and people pleasing. Because there is a big difference.

Before I begin, let me just admit that I have been a huge, guilty as charge, culprit of people-pleasing. That’s how I grew up, that is what I was taught, and that is what I witnessed for years.

“Always put others before yourself. Their happiness is more important than your own” is basically the message I would receive.

Through recent revaluations and by analyzing my whole life, I have come to see how backwards this message is. In actuality, it’s best to take care of yourself before helping others. Don’t believe me? Go on any airplane, and what is the first instruction? In an event of an emergency, put on your oxygen mask (your lifeline) first before helping others. That makes sense because how can you help others when you, yourself, are half dead? Read more

It was one of those days. Worked hard, worked fast, and burnt out by 5:30. So as a treat, I walked my pretty little self to Henri Bendels. My Mecca, for all I am concerned. As I browsed the second floor of beautiful handbags and glistening necklaces, I met a friendly, bright lady named Debbie Liu. She just happens to be an amazing up-and-coming jewelry designer whose featured in Bendels trunk show. The brand is called Harlequin & Lionhead. What caught my eye was the intricate detailing of her rings, they resemble little roses carefully modeled with precision.

Her collection featured necklaces in the same nature. As well as adjustable rings that left a small opening on top. I tried on the adjustable ring (photo above) and the flowers looked like they were simply resting on my finger. Read more

One of the first jobs I got after I graduated high school was working for minimum wage in the bakery of a local grocery store. It was a night position working from 4 pm – 1 am and it really cut into my social life. It was a fun job though and I got to learn how to do all kinds of things from frying donuts to decorating cakes and I got to work with a lot of great people.

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Wait-what?  Before you google it, wiki it, or bing-it (but seriously who really uses bing?), let me explain the best I can.  As a grad school grad from an unknown career (Occupational therapy), I’ll gladly explain for you with no cost just like an unpaid internship.  Something I’m very familiar with, unfortunately.

Let’s start with: Occupation.  First off, when I use occupation I mean it as being an activity that is both purposeful and meaningful.  This can vary from anything from getting dressed in the morning to a hobby such as cooking or skiing.  These occupations are not only essential to sustaining your life and allowing you to work but also promote wellness, identity, and mindfulness.  Before you think this is “hippie-dippie hug circle” insanity, let me use an example. Read more

Children in Arkansas really have little choice but to grow up redneck. Even the public schools here are doing their part.

In Arkansas, you have to pay to take Drivers education. It is not offered as a school course, yet Hunter education and Boating education are mandatory curriculum.

Yes, officials here in Arkansas seem to think that learning how to carry a shotgun or operate a boat is more useful than learning how to drive a car. Maybe this is because most of them learned to drive on the family tractor by the age of 7.

I have no qualms about having safety courses for hunters and boaters, they are a great idea. But should Arkansas taxpayers finance those courses while drivers ed is put on a back burner? Both hunters ed and boating ed are offered through the Game and Fish Commission via instructor led classes, videos and the internet, for FREE. Is it necessary to devote valuable school time to courses that are only going to benefit a few students? My son had to take hunter and boating education in the sixth grade. It was not an optional course. All sixth graders were required to take these classes as a part of their science grade. Read more

Why I Am Angry

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I want to thank everyone for your wonderful comments on my last post about Tom Cruise. I was pissed as all hell when I wrote that and I thought that I would share a little with you about why.

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Do not come to my house trying to sell me things Mr. Solicitor. I will not buy anything you are trying to sell, I will not subscribe to your newspaper or magazine and I do not want to discuss with you why I don’t want what ever you are pushing. Do not make jokes with me like, “Did you know you are holding a dog?”. Yes, I know I am holding a dog. I picked her up when I answered the door to keep her from biting you. Next time I will let her bite you and if she doesn’t, I WILL! When I tell you am I not interested, take a hint and leave. Do not try to pressure me and force me to repeat myself. I AM NOT INTERESTED!!!! Next time I will not be so nice. Next time I will push you down, steal your clipboard and slam the door in your face. That’s after the dog bites you. This does not include Girl Scouts, I love Girl Scout cookies. Especially if they’re made from fresh Girl Scouts.

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