10 things I have learned to accept about myself… and plenty more

I am 34 years old and no, I don’t think I know everything, but there are 10 things I’ve learned to accept about myself… and plenty more. Some I am proud of, most I am indifferent about, and few I just don’t care if you like it or not. This is me!  And I am not conforming for anyone… (except for myself if it makes me happy)

10) I am not a club person. I don’t like waiting in lines in weird, cold, rainy, hot, humid weather wearing uncomfortable clothes and 6-inch heels just to get into a dark, crowded, poorly lit box. Every once in awhile, it is fine.

But what I really love is an indie type, off the beaten path, fun, new experience that I can share with good friends. I love a place where I can laugh, hear live music, and relax while being at ‘ah’ by my surroundings.

9) I love talking and meeting new people. Love love love it! I am the happiest when I meet an awesome person that I can relate to or can learn from. I am also drawn to individuals who seem a little shy or quiet.

Since high school (which I actually didn’t finish-I later got my GED in an easy way), I have gone over to anyone who seems to themselves and start up a conversation in order to let them know they are cared about. I want to bring everyone together and make sure no one is left out.

8) Writing is one of my passions. I look at it as an art where you can create an amazing piece of work simply by aligning the right words. It ‘s a huge mind puzzle that allows you to make something out of thin air.

7)  My gift is my energy, which was something that I was taught by a friend. My energy allows me to write, create, produce, and promote myself and others. It is money, gold to me. I cannot waste it on nonsense, drama, or people that don’t matter. Sorry.

6) Speaking about energy, I am the most productive during the morning and early afternoon. I get a huge amount of tasks, work, and creativity done between 9:30 am and 3 pm. Which means it is vital to concentrate on myself during that time.

5) I will stop my world for a few individuals in my life. My brother is one of them. If he calls, I literally will put everything else on hold.  I don’t care if I am in a class, at a dinner, or in the movies. My lil bro is priority.

4) My best friends are my soulmates. They just are. They get me, all of me. And I understand them. We all have been there for each other from major downfalls to exciting highs of life. I love them.

3) I have a biological family and my chosen family. My biological family consists of my mom, my bro and me. My chosen family is an assortment of characters. More like a village. From a formal stockbroker, a hotel heiress, a casting director, English royalty, a few lawyers, writers,  to comedians and life coaches galore. I couldn’t have done all of this without them.

They all kick major booty, and help encourage me to take on the world. They are the ones I usually spend the holidays with and rejoice over major accomplishments.  And it is never a dull moment.

2) My biggest pet peeve is people making me wait. I am not a happy camper when I have to waste my time for someone who is late. Maybe it is the Swizz in me that doesn’t understand tardiness.

In order to combat the anger, I have made a plan. I usually recognize the guilty parties that are always, without failure, going to be late and then add an extra 15 to 30 minutes onto the time I am supposed to meet them. That way I arrive at the same time they do.

1) My GPS for Life is my gut instincts. This frustrates so many people because I will make decisions that are illogical, absurd, insane and completely left field. But somehow it always works out, leaving people scratching their heads in disbelief.

It even leaves me question how the heck it all came together. But I have learned the hard way, when I don’t trust my gut instincts I am in pain and miserable. However crazy my instincts may be I am forever forced to take the leap of faith and belief.


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