A Mother’s Bag

1431368162372-P-2623751I dumped my purse.  I pulled a juvenile move and turned the thing, the monstrosity of a purse, smaller than I need, larger than I want, but still fashionable – upside down.  Curiosity got a hold of me.

This wasn’t supposed to be the topic of a Monday morning, but it is interesting what we stuff in there, isn’t it?  I’ve tried smaller purses.  I’ve organized until I stretch the smaller, less cumbersome purses to their seams’ limits.  It just doesn’t work for me.  There’s many times I’ve stuffed this one so full that I’m certain the next one is to be an overnight bag before I move on to a full blown suitcase.

The things that didn’t fall out, I won’t list…they’re safely occupying a zippered place or two.  What fell out doesn’t get immunity:

  • Blue and white baby bib
  • #3 diaper
  • A shimmery, lime green makeup bag, dotted with black hearts and misshapen with its fullness
  • Bright neon pink beaded necklace
  • 3 pens and 1 pencil
  • A worn silver play phone with working buttons that supposed to be in my daughter’s “cottage house” out back
  • Large black wallet
  • A “Softlips” lip gloss stick from years ago that I recently found and decided I was nostalgic about
  • A dime, three pennies and a quarter
  • A book of matches, unused – and I don’t smoke, and neither does my husband
  • Eucerin travel lotion
  • Silver and black Matchbox race car
  • A bright rainbow beaded bracelet
  • 11 Tootsie Roll Pops (my daughters)
  • 1 orange Tootsie Roll Pop wrapper
  • A just about used, there’s no reason to have it, and certainly no reason for it to be in my purse tube of super glue
  • 2 pink gum wrappers
  • A lipstick that went rouge from the overstuffed makeup bag
  • Red, black and silver super mini shopping cart with a suped up engine in the basket on wheels
  • Plastic sandwich bag – empty
  • Lid to a baby bottle
  • 2 unopened bags of Kar’s unsalted original trail mix
  • Green 4 oz plastic kid’s cup
  • A child’s pink rainfall beaded hair scrunchy
  • Plastic “organization” bag with two packs of gum
  • My cell phone.

After dumping this on my office floor, I found myself staring.  In awe.  In amazement.  In wonder.

“When did this happen?  When did my purse become the diaper bag / daughter’s wardrobe / son’s play room / pantry / kitchen and office trash can?  How long have I been carrying these items, slung on my shoulder, in the birthday present from my husband, purse.  I carry it around as though there are important, must have items in here.  I slam it on the passenger’s seat, shove it between my legs on the passenger floor, smoosh it in shopping carts, maneuver it around the house.  I find space for it wherever I go, coveting it like a lost treasure.

And when does it stop.   Does it stop?  When will my bag shrink?  When will I stop carrying anything that I think I might need in a crunch?  When do I have to stop being prepared?  How much worse will it get?”

…The questions that fluttered through my mind while I stared at the contents….then I found what I was looking for and shoved it all back in.

How big is your purse? If you dumped it, what would you find?

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