Aren’t We All Doctors?

shutterstock_125888855Have you ever noticed how many doctors there are in the world?

Ok … obviously, I am not literally talking about doctors. But I’m amazed how people become doctors without ever having to go to school.

You might be shaking your head or disagreeing with me.  But think about it.

You don’t feel well.  A friend/colleague/coworker/spouse/family member asks what is wrong and you tell them your head/foot/shoulder/big toe hurt.  They may ask a follow-up question, they may not. Regardless, they are almost certain to tell you (a) what is wrong with you and (b) how to treat it.

No, I don’t just mean that “you should see a doctor.”  But rather, you should take this medicine, but not this one.  You should elevate/heat/ice for 10 minutes/1 hour/15 days.

Maybe it’s just me? Maybe I am just surrounded by unlicensed doctors?

And don’t think I don’t do it too.

Now when you are a mom you have to diagnose.  I get that.

But be careful! Diagnosing your toddler could quickly grow to diagnosing any ailment on any person near you.

Trust me, I’m a Doctor

I can’t believe that I’m counting down the hours until Doctor Who.

I’m such a diehard fangirl, I really am. Last week’s episode had me in tears and complete ‘OMG!!! for about 3 hours after it finished.

Of course, the first thing that I did was hit all the DW communities that I’m part of to discuss the episode and all the possibilities and theories surrounding the episode which just got me even more hyper.

In case you’ve not seen it, I won’t go into details but all I can say is that the hand will save the day. Whovians will know what I’m talking about! Trust me, it’s all about the hand.

I downloaded loads of Doctor Who music remixes and fan songs the other day to tide me over to tonight’s episode but when I tried transferring them onto my iPod I realized that I need more laptop memory, because my poor wee Acer kept konking out on me. I’ve got a funny feeling that it’s just Vista being its usual crap self, if I put more than 50 songs into iTunes at once it’d crash on me. Uh, hello? I have around 100,000 files to put in iTunes. That’s going to take me while dude. But more memory can never be a bad thing. The computer I’m on just now (the boyfriends – he’s passed out on the bed, fully clothed after yet another rather drunken night) has 4GB of memory and I’m running a zillion and one things and it’s fine. Saying that, this is running XP too. Don’t care what anyone says, XP Pro is a thousand times better than Vista will ever be.

So, only 8 hours til Doctor Who Series 4 finale, and I can’t wait. I’m going to read my new Who book that I bought last weekend til it’s on. And then cry a lot I think.

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