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My boss snapped at me today. I hate when he does that. It makes me hate being at a job that I actually really enjoy. Just those two or three seconds of disrespect can wash away years of great communication and camaraderie.

Maybe a less sensitive person can just brush it aside. But I can’t. For me, those few seconds stay in my mind and slowly build into rage. That is, if I don’t do something about it right away.

I waited about an hour or so and went into his office. I said something light to start a dialogue. He laughed and engaged. Then I just blurted out, “is everything OK between us?” Fortunately, he’s used to this kind of question because over the years of working together I’ve made us “talk it out” any time I’ve sensed tension or conflict.

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shutterstock_125888855Have you ever noticed how many doctors there are in the world?

Ok … obviously I am not literally talking about doctors. But I’m amazed how people become doctors without ever having to go to school.

You might be shaking your head or disagreeing with me.  But think about it.

You don’t feel well.  A friend/colleague/coworker/spouse/family member asks what is wrong and you tell them your head/foot/shoulder/big toe hurt.  They may ask a follow up question, they may not. Regardless, they are almost certain to tell you (a) what is wrong with you and (b) how to treat it.

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I’ve never had a serious relationship. Ever. By serious, I mean long. I don’t mean serious, as in bed time fun.It’s not something I dwell on, though. I don’t sit here and wish a man would come into my life, and sweep me off my feet. I like being single. I like to flirt. I love not having any qualms about chatting a guy up.

But then again, I don’t know any different. Would it still be OK to do all that in a serious relationship? Because if not, count me out for the time being. Sometimes I daydream about certain people who I could see myself in a relationship with. Sometimes I enjoy imagining what it would be like to come home to someone on an evening, and curling up with them on the sofa.

But I also enjoy flirting with certain people without any strings attached, without worrying about saying something wrong.And why do I sit here writing this? Because I’ve noticed, now that I’ve turned 23, that there is this expectation that I should be in a relationship. One of the first questions asked of me when I was getting to know my new colleagues was, “So, are you seeing someone?” I’m the only single person out of a 6 person team.

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Coffee-Roaster-cupBecause this is gunna be a long one! I’ll try to be as concise as I can, but whoo boy what a weekend. I’m almost glad to be back at work, because maybe I can relax a little bit. I haven’t updated in several days and I need to catch up.

Friday, my soul sister in shopping and I met up for lunch and shopping in the Newbury St./Copley area. From minute one until we parted ways, after meeting my husband Friday afternoon, I don’t think we stopped chattering, not even once.

Talk about talkers! I never thought I would meet my shopping match – my sister comes close – but boy did I ever! Long story short, we had a super fun time, the weather was just perfect for strolling, and many a designer purse came home with us. Oh right, and earrings. Oh right, and Lush products. I’ll stop there. Read more

1431368162372-P-2623751I dumped my purse.  I pulled a juvenile move and turned the thing, the monstrosity of a purse, smaller than I need, larger than I want, but still fashionable – upside down.  Curiosity got a hold of me.

This wasn’t supposed to be the topic of a Monday morning, but it is interesting what we stuff in there, isn’t it?  I’ve tried smaller purses.  I’ve organized until I stretch the smaller, less cumbersome purses to their seams’ limits.  It just doesn’t work for me.  There’s many times I’ve stuffed this one so full that I’m certain the next one is to be an overnight bag before I move on to a full blown suitcase.

The things that didn’t fall out, I won’t list…they’re safely occupying a zippered place or two.  What fell out doesn’t get immunity: Read more

One of the first jobs I got after I graduated high school was working for minimum wage in the bakery of a local grocery store. It was a night position working from 4 pm – 1 am and it really cut into my social life. It was a fun job though and I got to learn how to do all kinds of things from frying donuts to decorating cakes and I got to work with a lot of great people.

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Why I Am Angry

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I want to thank everyone for your wonderful comments on my last post about Tom Cruise. I was pissed as all hell when I wrote that and I thought that I would share a little with you about why.

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Do not come to my house trying to sell me things Mr. Solicitor. I will not buy anything you are trying to sell, I will not subscribe to your newspaper or magazine and I do not want to discuss with you why I don’t want what ever you are pushing. Do not make jokes with me like, “Did you know you are holding a dog?”.

Yes, I know I am holding a dog. I picked her up when I answered the door to keep her from biting you. Next time I will let her bite you and if she doesn’t, I WILL! When I tell you am I not interested, take a hint and leave. Do not try to pressure me and force me to repeat myself. I AM NOT INTERESTED!!!! Next time I will not be so nice. Next time I will push you down, steal your clipboard and slam the door in your face. That’s after the dog bites you. This does not include Girl Scouts, I love Girl Scout cookies. Especially if they’re made from fresh Girl Scouts.

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My boyfriend is short. Not midget short, but he is probably a good 3 or 4 inches shorter than I am. How cruel is it of me to place things out of his reach (say, on top of the ceiling fan motor or in the cabinet above the refrigerator) and laugh my ass off while he tries to find and reach them?

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