Cupcake Wars!

Influenced by the clip ‘Treat Yo’ Self’ by a friend at Joyful Shimmy, I have decided to hit the streets and do some research. On what? Cupcakes! What else is taking NYC by storm?


Here is what I discovered and I am not holding back :

1) Buttercup Bakeshop- on 2nd Ave between 52nd and 51st street

Cupcake: Chocolate with vanilla icing

Atmosphere: cute bakeshop/ diner feel small. The service could have been better. You can tell they hated their job

Taste: creamy buttery icing and not too sweet but the cake was disgusting.

Price: $2.50

Appeal: Cheap cupcake

2) Little Cupcake Bakeshop- on Prince street

Cupcake: Blue velvet cupcake

Atmosphere: Super cute place. Huge space to sit comfortably. Decorated with chandeliers and marbel tables. There was a good mixture of people: young, old, business to hipster. Calming music. Very Friendly service

Taste: The frosting and cake was delicious and not over powering sweet. Moist and fresh

Price: $3

Sugar free cupcake: $3.25

Appeal: you can sit here comfortably with a pretty view of the lower east side

3) Billy cupcake- on elizabeth street

Cupcake: Yellow daisy

Atmosphere: Small with a couple seating options, and a bench outside. Country theme. Service was standard. Not very busy

Taste: Very sweet and a little bit harder cake. Tasted dry.

Price: $3

Appeal: Good place to bring the kids.

4) Georgetown cupcakes-on Mercer street between Prince and Spring

Cupcake: Irish cream

Atmosphere: Bright and modern. A lot of space but not a lot of seating. Really friendly service. Very colorful setting with a beautiful cupcake display.

Price: $2.75

Taste: Very moist and soft frosting. Very gooey but in a good way.


Appeal: It is the new kid on the block of cupcakes

5) Sweet Revenge- on Carmine street

Cupcake: Crimson and Cream

Atmosphere: Rustic design, plenty of seating in a small place. It gets packed on weekends and happy hour due to the bar available. Very friendly staff

Price: Cupcake ranges

Taste: Delectable. It is the perfect mix of moisture and sweetness. Cream cheese icing with red velvet cake, with actual pieces of raspberry inside. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Appeal:The menu pairs each cupcake with a specific wine or beer that brings out the flavor of the cupcake!



My favorite spots have to be Sweet Revenge and Little Cupcake Bakeshop. They have two very different atmosphere but both have delicious cupcakes and a great space to catch up with friends.


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