Desires, Indulgents, Pleasures… Soaking up the Goodness

Desire, indulgent, pleasure, why have these tiny words become such bad unspoken phrases? I have lived off of a strict bread and no fun diet for a lonnnggggg time. A real long time. I figured if I restrict pleasure I will have a big grand life. Now, where in the world does that even make sense?

If you take away fun, you become smaller… But for some God forsaken reason something switch in my brain, and I believed for years that its best not to indulge. In anything. And I am not alone.

How many times do woman pass up dessert when out for dinner? Or let others go before them when they were the first in line. Worse of how many people have passed up a great, once-in-a-lifetime event that they have been dreaming about for years, just because they have to work late.

I have been a victim of excusing myself from what I truly want. Making up excuses as for why I shouldn’t, why I can’t, why I ought to never think about it. I got to the point I gave up sweets in itself because I didn’t figure I should have anything that tasty. Was I ever wrong…

I was introduced to the wonderful, talented, incredibly strong… Mama Gena. Now I have never taken one of her classes, I have never had a full conversation with her, but I have read her books. My inspirational friend is in Mama Gena’s womanly arts classes, and I have been lucky enough to be taught inadvertently. I was shown a new way of living, that quite frankly I desperately needed. Before, I used think like what it was that I did to deserve this. But now, it’s different,

Through the books I read I have discovered that pleasure and going for desires is what makes life fun. Eat what you yearn for, and eat the amount that you find pleasurable, the body automatically balances out. If you are single, flirt, flirt, flirt. Make men do what you want them to. Take time to sketch out what you always wanted to do, whether it is a trip, a dinner, a cruise, or just to enjoy your favorite show. Indulgeeeeee in that glorious goodness.

Here are the side effects of enjoying life and the delectables in it, people actually want to be around you. I have heard stories of people growing businesses by putting their happiness first. They have found their husbands, found their power, found excitement all by bring in the fun.

For me, I have received free coffee, multiple compliments, and a growing writing career. I have one wonderful person continuously giving me CD’s of my favorite artists all because I said I love Bob Dylan’s music. With each gift, I say thank you and how wonderful this is.

I am a long way from that bread and no fun diet. But I have more to learn. One day I desire to take Mama Gena’s classes first hand. I have a great feeling that will come true at the right time.

Abraham Lincoln once said, “Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” Meaning, sometimes we have to work at our happiness. Good news is there are plenty that we can do. Here is a list of wonderful ideas to keep that upbeat energy.

Double Down on Happiness

1) Mini dance breaks. Turn the music up and just dance around for a bit. It will make you smile. You’re smiling right now thinking about it, why not just try it out to see how happy you really can be!  Go to Pandora right now to get going.

2) Create something. Whether it is a painting, a poem, a gallery of pictures, a beautiful bulletin board for your wall,  or just something you can be proud of. Feeling productive is a great boost. Check out Pinterest for some ideas!

3) Meditate. Take 10 minutes, close your eyes and relax. Breath in and let go of anything stressful because, in the end, it is all going to be okay anyway.

4) Treat yourself. Indulge in a manicure, pedicure, or a little gift at Duane Reade. Treat yourself for all the hard work you’ve been putting in lately.

5) Try something new. It may be scary to step out of that routine of yours, but sometimes a little change can spark a whole new adventure in your life. You are guaranteed to meet new people, learn something exciting, or at the very least feel accomplished. Check out to see what exciting events are going on in your neighborhood.

If you have any great mood boosters you want to share let me know. I am always up for a new activity. And it may very well be featured in the next happiness article!

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