Donuts And David

One of the first jobs I got after I graduated high school was working for minimum wage in the bakery of a local grocery store. It was a night position working from 4 pm – 1 am and it really cut into my social life. It was a fun job though and I got to learn how to do all kinds of things from frying donuts to decorating cakes and I got to work with a lot of great people.

One of those people was David. We had quite a lot in common and could talk for hours on end. He was 30 and 11 years my senior but there was an instant attraction between the two of us. Unfortunately, he was married.

However, marriage or no, we openly flirted with each other and went to lunch together all the time. Rumors started flying all around the store that we were having an affair. Being the shameless hussy that I was, I didn’t care what people were saying and David would laugh it off like it was a joke.

Every afternoon before leaving for work, I would make sure that I looked as hot as was humanly possible in the uniform and apron we were required to wear and would spritz myself with my sexiest perfume. The bakery shut down at 9 pm and all the other workers would go home leaving us alone for the rest of our shift.

The white aprons we were given to wear did little to cover my boobs. I would make a habit of walking into the freezer and staying just long enough to ensure that my nipples would be very noticeable through the thin fabric of my white uniform shirt. I also made it a habit to leave my shirt unbuttoned as far as decency would allow and would bend over quite often to afford him a view of my biggest assets.

David would find ways to bump into me or rub against me while we were working, leaving no doubt in my mind that he found working with me exciting. He would whisper in my ear that he would love the opportunity to make me scream and moan with pleasure. He promised that he could satisfy my every need. The air between us was thick with sexual tension. Yet, even though we were left alone half the night, we never took advantage of the situation. Perhaps because there were too many security cameras.

After months of teasing and tempting each other, I was bold enough to actually challenge him to make good on his words. I invited him over to have some drinks and to show me exactly how well he could satisfy me. I dared him to cross the line between fantasy and reality. This was a line he was not willing to cross, however.

Even though my hopes were dashed, my feelings were not really hurt. He was married after all, and I was asking him to betray his marriage vows. A few days later he was switched to another shift which I later found out he had requested. When I asked him about it, he said that if he had to continue working with me he might do something that he would really regret. He didn’t want to lose his marriage and I could respect that.

It took me a while but I eventually started feeling ashamed that I had tried to seduce a married man. I had tried to rationalize it by telling myself that if he could cheat on his wife and still look her in the eye, I had no need to give it a second thought. I was young and I was foolish.

My experience with David did teach me quite a few valuable lessons. I learned that if a man is truly committed to his marriage, no matter how great the temptation (and I made sure that it was overwhelming), it is possible for a man to walk away from that temptation.

Some women may think that if a man loves them that they would not be attracted to someone else to start with, but men are human and subject to temptation like everyone else. It’s not being tempted that’s wrong, it’s giving in to it.

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