First Things First

I would like to let you know that I am terrible at introductions and talking about myself. I feel like whenever I have to do it, I say the same things over and over and it gets quite tiring. I’m also not one who likes to draw attention to oneself, so that’s also probably another contributing factor.

I’m now in my mid-thirties. One word you could use to describe me is geek. Though anymore that term is used really loosely, I’m pretty sure I could count as one. I like technology and I can learn pretty much any device quickly.

When I was five or six I taught myself how to do things on my dad’s work laptop. I’m also one of those rare people who loves both designing and programming. I’m helping youth who don’t have a high school diploma get their GED through a great and free online prep course. When they have their GED, they can move ahead faster!


I’m am an avid shopper when I have the money. I do this thing called “retail therapy”, which may not be the best kind of therapy, but it does help.

Top 5 things I will shop for:

  1. Clothes
  2. Movies
  3. Craft stuff
  4. Shoes
  5. Books and Magazines

Some other activities include hanging out with the neighbors on Fridays, yoga, and school.


I love entertainment and being entertained, but who doesn’t

There are a bunch more, but we could be here longer than necessary.

Reading is also fun! I like a lot of different types of books… basically, I do judge a book by its cover. If it’s got an interesting cover I will grab it and look at the synopsis. Unless I hear about it or see it on Goodreads, then well that’s a different story. I would list my favorite books, but to be honest, I have read so many books in my life, I couldn’t tell you any super favorite because they were all good.

So this was my introductory post. One thing I will also mention is that I’m going to be doing a challenge in regards to going green. I’ve always felt that the environment is important and never was one to just litter my stuff anywhere (it’s really lazy). With that and most of the things I’ve mentioned above, will be this blog. I hope you’re ready for this because I’m not even sure I am.

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