Free New York Events (does that even exist?)

There is a $20 daily tax fee for all New Yorkers. Meaning when you live in this city, the second you step outside to start your day, there goes $20 down the drain. Every single time. So when free stuff happens, it is a pretty exciting miracle.

Here is what’s going on now, that won’t cost you a pretty penny.

1) Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversation exhibit at the Met. I love the Metropolitan Museum of Art, for the mere fact it is gorgeous, houses some of the most incredible masterpieces, and it is only suggested-donation based. Now through August 19th, the Schiaparelli and Prada exhibit is on display.

You can see the amazing similarities in the two Italian women designers, even though decades separated them in time. Learn about what was influential back in the late 1930′s and how it has carried over to modern times. After the exhibit head up to the Met rooftop on the 6th floor and take in the views of central park and fifth avenue. Nothing gets better than this in the summertime.

2) Lunch Hour NYC exhibit a the New York Public Library. There is something very romantic about the infamous New York Public Library located on 42nd street and 5th avenue. Maybe it is because I am a writer, or maybe it is because I love Sex and the City (even the movies). Either way, this beautiful building holds numerous exquisite events during the year, all for free.

Right now there is a display of how New York City lunchtime has transformed over the past 150 years. Revealing old Sardi’s menus and drawings of Broadway stars from back in the day. It includes the beginning of the Power Lunch and provides a history as to when women were finally free to dine without the accompany of men. Check out New York Public Library for more info.

3) Astoria Park Pool.  Swimming in the summertime is kind of a requirement. So to find out there is a free public pool, and it is actually clean is one of the best feelings in the world. It is a public pool meaning there is no fancy lounge chairs or beautiful tiling, but it is a huge pool with a lot of space to jump in and swim. The chocolate there is amazing…

I recommend going on the early side to beat the lines and crowds of children ready to play. For avid swimmers like me, there is adult swim time from 7-8:30 am and from 7 pm-dusk each day, where you can swim laps without being blocked by other people. Hey, it beats paying $80 for a gym membership!


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