Get a cup of coffee and sit down

Coffee-Roaster-cupBecause this is gonna be a long one! I’ll try to be as concise as I can, but whoo boy what a weekend. I’m almost glad to be back at work, because maybe I can relax a little bit. I haven’t updated in several days and I need to catch up.

Friday, my soul sister in shopping and I met up for lunch and shopping in the Newbury St./Copley area. From minute one until we parted ways, after meeting my husband Friday afternoon, I don’t think we stopped chattering, not even once.

Talk about talkers! I never thought I would meet my shopping match – my sister comes close – but boy did I ever! Long story short, we had a super fun time, the weather was just perfect for strolling, and many a designer purse came home with us. Oh right, and earrings. Oh right, and Lush products. I’ll stop there.

Friday night, my spouse and I bid farewell to city living and went to the Sox game, which they won handily, and we got to see the grand slam. That was pretty awesome. We were in the right field grandstand, which I actually preferred to our usual bleacher seats. We were underneath the overhang, and the wind/cold really didn’t get to us until late in the 8th, at which point we left, grabbed coffee in Kenmore Square, and headed home, because we had to rise *very* early on Saturday morning to greet the movers.

So, we got up at 5:30 am, my wonderful husband humoring my uber-freaking-out self, we had a tiny bit more packing to do, just last minute odds and ends, but of course I turned it into an epic disaster. Needless to say, we were done totally by shortly after 7, so wonderful man that he is, he went out to dunks to get us some coffee, and the movers arrived at 8 a.m.

It went off without a hitch – we had the city reserve “no parking” space in front of our building so the moving truck could park directly in front of the front door. The truck was packed up totally in under 2 hours, and off we went to our new home. The movers stopped in at my parents’ house to pick up some of my old furniture, and then came to our new house. All told, everything was unpacked off the truck by about 1:30.

Then the fun really started. My mother and my sister tackled the kitchen, and I can’t believe how much stuff I got for my wedding shower. I had it all stored at my parents’ house, so I was really seeing it all for only the 2nd time. We are all set, kitchen-wise, for a really long time. It’s about the words to the wise (or maybe not-so-wise).

We spent the remainder of Saturday, and most of Sunday unpacking. I went out Sunday and yesterday for various little items that you just realize you need along the way. The only thing we really have left to unpack is my clothes, shoes, and purses. We have extra bedrooms, so one of the bedrooms is devoted exclusively to these things. It’s going to take a good few hours to get that all straightened out, so maybe tonight. It is very surreal to be a homeowner – to look around and know that no landlord owns this, we do – but I’m loving it so far.

And now, I’m at work. The commute wasn’t as bad as I thought, but the true test will be next week, when school vacation is over.

More later.

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