Health And Safety: How To Avoid RSI At Work

Employers are quickly becoming aware of the importance of supplying their employees with ergonomic workstations. Creating an employee customizable ergonomic workspace will not only lead to a happy employee ready and willing to work, but it will also ensure employees are not subjected to an environment which can aggravate existing or establish new health problems. When it comes to health and safety: how to avoid RSI at work.

As the civilized world is moving workers out of the factory and into the office, health problems associated with typing and working at a computer are becoming far more prevalent. So if you do not know how to avoid RSI at work, along with the several other office health complaints – read on.

Your body is not designed to stay in one position for several hours; it requires movement to keep muscles and joints healthy. To rid yourself of this unnatural inactivity make an effort to move around the office for a minute after every hour you are sitting at the computer. This only takes a minute and will not only help your limbs recuperate, but it will also help your eyes. You do not need to go out of the office and go for a walk – just a relaxed stroll over to the printer is usually enough.

To prevent localized problems such as RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury), you should make sure your workstation is appropriate for your needs. First, your desk should be at a height that allows your arms (when your hands are on the keyboard) to be at 90 degrees to the rest of your body – an adjustable swivel chair can fine tune this height.

Next, try to swap between many different input devices to give your hands a break – substitute your mouse for a trackball for example. Next, try out some ergonomic keyboards – they are shaped to allow your fingers to be placed in a more natural manner. You will find your employer quite willing to help make you comfortable – remember; he or she will not want to risk you having to take sick leave due to an office-created problem!

Me Time for My Floor


I decided to take care of myself. My parents, some of the very few who really know and understand our family issues, have been out of the country for 3 weeks. Our only other sitter has been off her feet with a broken ankle. I haven’t had a break. Even my back was starting to hurt again so shortly after being “healed”. So, a break I needed and a break I was going to get. In came one of our neighborhood sitters to be a mommy-helper.

As a mommy-helper, she basically plays with the kids while I’m around. Thus, she’s helping me get time to do my own things and my kids are being happily entertained. Works out for all! Only thing is, I didn’t do something for me. Nope. Instead, I found myself doing dishes, cleaning the kitchen and mopping the floor.

Mopping the floor! This was supposed to be me time and I’m swishing soap and water around with a less than worthy mop on my floors. This is for me how?

It must be the soap. My husband, being thoughtful about my relaxation needs, got me some scent-eddish soap. Yes, laugh if you must…scented dish soap to relax. Hmmm.

But I have to tell you that I actually like the smell of this and don’t feel quite so annoyed when I have to do the dishes! At the end of the “me” time, the kitchen was clean, countertops glistened, the floor was…cleaner, and I felt relaxed and accomplished.

Now if I could just get that screaming bundle of joy to go to sleep…

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