Is He Mad At Me?

My boss snapped at me today. I hate when he does that. It makes me hate being at a job that I actually really enjoy. Just those two or three seconds of disrespect can wash away years of great communication and camaraderie. I know, he’s studying so hard for his MBA (it’s all online and pretty affordable he says), and this may affect his behavior, but still…

Maybe a less sensitive person can just brush it aside. But I can’t. For me, those few seconds stay in my mind and slowly build into a rage. That is, if I don’t do something about it right away.

I waited about an hour or so and went into his office. I said something light to start a dialogue. He laughed and engaged. Then I just blurted out, “is everything OK between us?” Fortunately, he’s used to this kind of question because over the years of working together I’ve made us “talk it out” anytime I’ve sensed tension or conflict.

I know, I’m SUCH a woman (and I mean that in the best possible way)! He assured me that everything was OK and that things with work were just crazy right now. Then I asked him about his daughter, who’d had surgery just a few days ago, and he said softly, “oh, she’s fine, thanks. I haven’t really seen her in the last few day but I’m going to try and leave early tonight.

My heart sank. I felt so bad for him and his daughter (and guilty for being so mad about a silly thing like a two-second gesture). As I’m worrying about my hurt feelings, he’s worrying about his little girl who’s recuperating from surgery and who he hasn’t even been able to see for the last three days because of work. I ended our conversation with another light note about work and how he should definitely leave early.

Perspective. Once you have it, the world looks completely different.

Indulge a Little

Help! I am in deep self-care deprivation mode. With a big deadline by Friday and moving this weekend, I have completely lost track of self-care. Ironically enough I have been recommending indulging and loving yourself to nearly everyone around me. Universe, you big silly jokester, I get the point. Time to dive deep deep deep into pampering and self-care.

What is the game plan?

First, I am going to book a massage at Massage Envy. It is right by the Trader Joes I pass by when grocery shopping, and every time I walk by I am dying to go inside.

Secondly, I am cutting down on communications. I will only accept calls that are going to be beneficial to my needs and desires right now. It is all about receiving goodness. Plenty of goodness.

Thirdly, I am going to keep it simple. No extra to do’s, no extra running around. Keeping it really straight forward. I got about three big things I got to take care of the rest of the week. Nothing else needs to get done.

Most importantly I am going to take the time I need to relax. This girl has been working too darn hard and can use some much needed down time. Good movies, tv shows, going to a museum, yeah I am going to spoil myself rotten.

Take care of yourself gorgeous, you deserve it just as much as I do.

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