Me, Myself, and I… Part 2 of Indulging

After hitting that breaking point of people pleasing, over giving, and bending over backwards for people, I entered into the word of ME, MYSELF, and I. And it is the best thing I have ever done. Switching off my cell phone for periods of time ( and not just 15 mins, more like 6 hours) was the emotional equivalent of a facelift. It rejuvenated my soul. I finally relaxed, and enjoyed ‘me’ time.

In the beginning, I took it slow. I switched my phone off for a couple hours at a time. I would get an itch to see who called and texted. I kept thinking of other people in my life. How are they feeling, are they angry and frustrated they can’t reach me? How can I cater to them? What can I do for them?  This was the norm, it wasn’t going to disappear overnight.

But each time these thoughts came into my mind, I reeled myself in and brought it back to me. Focusing on the present and what’s before me. It sounds corny, but I really began to appreciate things more. After a while, I didn’t want to turn it back on because it felt so good. Coffee tasted better, music sounded more intense, my heart was happier and lighter. Its crazy how much energy was wasted on worrying about what other people thought and how greatly it can affect so many different aspects of life.

I am not saying, let’s all be narcissistic, but its OKAY to think about what we need first and foremost. Especially when taught otherwise. And I am not saying that everyone in life is horrible, because I love the people in my life. But my thought process of give, give until there is nothing more was killing me. It’s not healthy.

Sometimes a physical boundary needs to be set before a verbal boundary can be made.

At least that is what I found to be true. At the moment, I am able to turn my phone off for periods of time without repercussions of getting fired of losing a deal.  In doing so I am able to break that negative self-imposing mantra of give, give, give and replace it with a new saying enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

If people get angry, that is now their problem. At this point I rather them get frustrated and angry instead of me feeling resentful.  I am smiling more, have energy to complete tasks I want to get done, and taking steps closer to my goals. The results of all of this have lead me to attract people that want to work with me more, and  have fun along the way.

Who knew it would just require a little letting go and powering down of the ol’ cell phone?


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