Redneck Education

Children in Arkansas really have little choice but to grow up redneck. Even the public schools here are doing their part.

In Arkansas, you have to pay to take Drivers education. It is not offered as a school course, yet Hunter education and Boating education are the mandatory curricula.

Yes, officials here in Arkansas seem to think that learning how to carry a shotgun or operate a boat is more useful than learning how to drive a car. Maybe this is because most of them learned to drive on the family tractor by the age of 7.

I have no qualms about having safety courses for hunters and boaters, they are a great idea. But should Arkansas taxpayers finance those courses while drivers ed is put on a back burner? Both hunters ed and boating ed are offered through the Game and Fish Commission via instructor-led classes, videos, and the internet, for FREE. Is it necessary to devote valuable school time to courses that are only going to benefit a few students? My son had to take hunter and boating education in the sixth grade. It was not an optional course. All sixth graders were required to take these classes as a part of their science grade. READ MORE

A Word To The Wise Or Rather The Not So Wise

Do not come to my house trying to sell me things Mr. Solicitor. I will not buy anything you are trying to sell, I will not subscribe to your newspaper or magazine and I do not want to discuss with you why I don’t want what ever you are pushing. Do not make jokes with me like, “Did you know you are holding a dog?”.

Yes, I know I am holding a dog. I picked her up when I answered the door to keep her from biting you. Next time I will let her bite you and if she doesn’t, I WILL! When I tell you am I not interested, take a hint and leave. Do not try to pressure me and force me to repeat myself. I AM NOT INTERESTED!!!! Next time I will not be so nice. Next time I will push you down, steal your clipboard and slam the door in your face. That’s after the dog bites you. This does not include Girl Scouts, I love Girl Scout cookies. Especially if they’re made from fresh Girl Scouts.


What Did I Ever Do To Deserve This?

I have managed to go all this time without being tagged for the dreadful meme, until yesterday. That evil, mean Luann at Lu’s News got me. You better be glad I like you Lu. Well, here goes:

3 names I go by: My real name is Deirdre (pronounced deer-druh). It is an Irish Gaelic name meaning sorrow. Dee is the nickname I took on because no one ever pronounces my real name correctly. My sisters pinned Dre-dre (pronounced druh-druh) on me, short for Deirdre.

3 screen names I’ve had: Disafox (get it? Dee is a fox), CrazyLikeAFox and SkittlesMarie (my dog’s name)


My Boyfriend’s A Chocoholic

My boyfriend is short. Not midget short, but he is probably a good 3 or 4 inches shorter than I am. How cruel is it of me to place things out of his reach (say, on top of the ceiling fan motor or in the cabinet above the refrigerator) and laugh my ass off while he tries to find and reach them?

It is partially self-defense on my part – especially when it comes to anything chocolate. If there is any chocolate in the house, he will be a pig and eat it all. For instance, if I buy some Hershey miniatures, instead of just eating all the Mr. Goodbars (which I hate) and the plain Hershey bars (which are okay, but not my favorite) he will also eat the majority of the Krackel bars and the Special Dark bars (my absolute favorite). I might end up getting 1/8th of the bag.


Cupcake Wars!

Influenced by the clip ‘Treat Yo’ Self’ by a friend at Joyful Shimmy, I have decided to hit the streets and do some research. On what? Cupcakes! What else is taking NYC by storm?


Here is what I discovered and I am not holding back :

1) Buttercup Bakeshop- on 2nd Ave between 52nd and 51st street

Cupcake: Chocolate with vanilla icing

Atmosphere: cute bakeshop/ diner feel small. The service could have been better. You can tell they hated their job

Taste: creamy buttery icing and not too sweet but the cake was disgusting.

Price: $2.50 READ MORE

Me, Myself, and I… Part 2 of Indulging

After hitting that breaking point of people pleasing, over giving, and bending over backwards for people, I entered into the word of ME, MYSELF, and I. And it is the best thing I have ever done. Switching off my cell phone for periods of time ( and not just 15 mins, more like 6 hours) was the emotional equivalent of a facelift. It rejuvenated my soul. I finally relaxed, and enjoyed ‘me’ time.


I Found Myself In Central Park

This past weekend, I was with my two best friends at a local bar celebrating one of their birthday’s. In the midst of talking, catching up, and being goofy, my best friend turned to me and so caring asked, “Ellese, when will it be ever okay for you to just stay still and be?”. It was so shockingly beautiful, because I knew where she was coming from and it has been a question I’ve asked myself.