Redneck Education

Children in Arkansas really have little choice but to grow up redneck. Even the public schools here are doing their part.

In Arkansas, you have to pay to take Drivers education. It is not offered as a school course, yet Hunter education and Boating education are the mandatory curricula.

Yes, officials here in Arkansas seem to think that learning how to carry a shotgun or operate a boat is more useful than learning how to drive a car. Maybe this is because most of them learned to drive on the family tractor by the age of 7.

I have no qualms about having safety courses for hunters and boaters, they are a great idea. But should Arkansas taxpayers finance those courses while drivers ed is put on a back burner? Both hunters ed and boating ed are offered through the Game and Fish Commission via instructor-led classes, videos, and the internet, for FREE. Is it necessary to devote valuable school time to courses that are only going to benefit a few students? My son had to take hunter and boating education in the sixth grade. It was not an optional course. All sixth graders were required to take these classes as a part of their science grade.

What is really ridiculous is the fact that you must take hunters ed to get a hunting license. You must complete a boating education class in order to legally operate a boat. Yet taking drivers education is not a prerequisite to getting a drivers license. Most teenagers in Arkansas receive their driver’s license and have never had drivers ed.

Arkansas has a terrible public transportation system, making ownership of a car imperative. I dare say most kids graduating high school will need a driver’s license. I am willing to bet that they will operate a motor vehicle on a daily basis. How often will they go hunting? A few weeks a year? How often will they operate a boat? A couple of months out of the year? It seems to me that the likelihood of being in a car crash is greater than having a boating or hunting accident.

But I guess that promoting redneck hobbies is simply more important than ensuring that new drivers learn to safely operate a car.

Divine Intervention

Do you ever get the feeling that certain things happen for a reason?

I had somehow managed to set myself up as a user on my blog twice. I had posts under both usernames, so I decided to move them all to one username and delete the other name. Of course, if you delete a user, everything posted under that name is deleted too. I was wondering what it is I did to deserve this…

After I deleted my secondary username, I discovered that a draft that I had written was deleted. I was super pissed and cursed myself for half an hour because I had deleted the backup of that draft off my computer last week. I started to search for the links that I had attached to the draft so that I could try to rewrite it. Well, I pulled up one of the links and it suddenly hit me. Losing that draft was an extremely fortunate event.

You see, this draft was about a girl that I used to be friends with that is now in prison for credit card fraud, hot check violation, and theft of property. This post had links to news stories about her and a Department of Correction profile on her, complete with picture.

I got to looking at that picture and thought to myself, this bitch is crazy. What in the hell was I thinking? I know that the inmates have access to the internet and she knows quite a bit about computers. She is an MS certified engineer and has studied programming. According to the Dept. of Correction, she is due to get out in October. This woman has proven to be very vengeful in the past. What would she do if she found out about my little blog and that I had published information and a picture of her? It sends a chill down my spine. She might stab me with a homemade shiv.

It is one thing to post about a guy who is on death row who is never going to see the light of day again, but to write about someone who will soon be released is really asking for trouble.

Even as I am trying to muddle through the all the crap that seems to surround my life, it is nice to know that someone is protecting me from my own stupidity every once in a while.

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