Tips for a Healthier Weekend

Finally, it’s weekend! We’ve been working our ass off this week and now we have some days off (most of us)… But how are we going to continue our new lifestyle behavior in combination with a succeed weekend? So check out these tips for a healthier weekend!

1. DO YOUR WORKOUTS in the morning, before you head out for the day
Even though it’s weekend we need to continue our workouts. A lot of people are saying that they don’t use weekends for workouts, with the reason ‘it’s weekend’!

But the weekend is to use for workouts, we have free time and we can use this free time to do workouts we like. We can go to our favorite group lesson, we can go running or cycling, we can do it alone, some me-time, or with a friend, but most importantly, we go in the morning!

We have, as I said before, more energy in the morning than later in the day. Besides that, in the weekends it’s better to plan your day with a workout in the morning, so you will have the whole day and evening for other exciting plans to do, like meeting up with friends and having partiessss!

2. SPLURGE in a healthy way
Is there a healthy way to splurge? I think there is… In food for example. Why do we need to splurge in an unhealthy way? We can go to the supermarket and buy all really healthy products to enjoy the evening behind the television. We can go to a natural shop where they have healthy snacks also. You have to see all the products they sell in this kind of stores!

Take a little time to walk around and let yourself amazed by it. And of course we can take a nice glass of wine in the evening, red or white (white has the lowest calories, but red is good for your hart so only the good ones...), as long as we don’t drink a bottle.. or two ; )

3. Eat as you do ON THE WEEKDAYS
Most of us can handle eating normal and healthy during the weekdays, but when the weekend comes we are turning into a different person and eat everything that comes on our way, we go to restaurants and choose pizza and fries. It’s hard to manage but it’s important we eat as we do on normal weekdays. We can still cook together with friends or go to restaurants!

We can choose for a healthy recipe or in most of the restaurants they have some healthy dices on the menu, like fish or good salads. But sometimes, our brain does things we don’t really want. The trick is to order your food without fries or potatoes, but with some extra vegetables or side salad. If they don’t bring it, we don’t eat it. Same at home, if we don’t buy it, we don’t eat it. Challenge yourself by choosing healthy food at the weekends. Good luck! ; )

4. DON’T GO HUNGRY to a party
I always keep myself strictly with this one! Maybe simply because I hate the feeling of having real hungry. A hungry feeling means you are already too late with eating. And if you are planning to go out, it’s different then sleeping the whole night. Now we need a serious extra meal because we need to dance the whole night. We cannot dance without our gasoline.

And even more important, if you get hungry at a party or in the bar, they never have something healthy. Most of the times it’s fried or food with a lot of grass. Monday, we’ll think again about occupational balance and that sort of things but for now, be happy and take an extra meal so you have a full stomach when you are going to a party.

5. Schedule some RELAXATION
Very important! Plan your weekend not totally full. I can say all the time that we need to work out or be productive. But of course, we also need to give ourselves some relaxing me-time and prevent ourselves from being angry for not having time for ourselves. I call it me-time, because al day, every day we are surrounded by other people!

But to clear your mind and to give your body rest to de-stress or to recover we need relaxation. If this is reading a book, watching a movie, take a hot bath or even painting your nails, doesn’t mind, as long as we are relaxed!

6. Do something active – GET OUTSIDE!
After point number 5 (relaxation), here is active again. Get outside! Grab some fresh air, maybe some sun, walk your dog in the park, go jogging! Even when the weather is bad, it’s good to grab some air. You can put some extra clothes on and use an umbrella if necessary because fresh air and light are positive for a lot of things. It helps with your concentration, gives you light bulb moments, and they say it has a positive working on your burning system also! And it helps you to stay out of depressions and the fresh oxygen is cleaning your longs and body! So get out!

7. Get enough SLEEP
Of course, you are going out! I love party’s : ) Dancing all night, sometimes we go to bed in the early morning… But it’s really important to get enough sleep! You all know and recognize how it’s feeling when you didn’t have enough sleep… Well, if you have structural not enough sleep, you will have problems with your concentration, you will feel irritated, sad, but also problems in or with your bodies, like a headache and dizziness.

Well, there’s nothing like celebrating a Sunday Family Tradition, so if you’re going to have a party, plan nothing in the early morning, but give yourself a good rest and start your day a little bit later with all your good habits.)

8. Prep for the WEEK AHEAD
Better be prepared! Are you going to have a busy week on your work, or an important week at school? Use your weekend to set your mind already in this way. If you need to prepare actual stuff, like homework or a report for work? Spend some time finishing it on your weekend. It will give you a positive and accomplished feeling, so you can relax more and this week will not be that hard as it looked like before!

9. Don’t have a LAZY SUNDAY be productive!
It can sometimes feel like you need a lazy Sunday. But it’s very important we mix it with productive activities. If we are being lazy all Sunday, like lying in bed or on the couch, we will get even more tired and lazy. On the other hand, no one is busy. It’s only about setting priorities! But what we need is getting fitter and fitter. So even if we had a rough night with a great party.

Have a good sleep, a good breakfast and get out! It doesn’t matter if you go workout (best choose to do first), go shopping with your friends, or just go to your parents or family to have a cup of coffee. As long as you are productive on this beautiful day, Sunday!

10. ORDER WELL while ordering out
Ok, maybe you are a little lazy, and if you are not a kitchen queen (like me), I understand you want to order out food. But be careful with what you order. You can choose to order a dirty, grassy, pizza with more than your daily advised on calories. Or you can order something “healthier”. That’s one of the things I’ve learned about myself! The first thing that comes to my mind is sushi! I think because I love sushi, but sushi is a pretty healthy choice I think. I don’t say that sushi is totally healthy, but personally, I don’t know any fat Japanese..?!!


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