Weekly Wrap Up – 3/2-3/9

Well, this is going to be a fun wrap up. And also brief! Since my good old half mary on Sunday, I have not run a single mile. It wasn’t because I didn’t feel like it – in fact, I would have given anything to hit the trails. It wasn’t because the weather wasn’t conducive – we had a 60-degree day, snow, all sorts of my favorite outdoor conditions.

I didn’t run a single mile aside my 2.13 because…

I hurt myself.

Yes, I can officially say I’m a runner now, because I am fairly certain that I blew out my ankle thanks to my awesome running form last weekend.

The picture is from a race last month demonstrating how good I am at heel striking. Also, chicken wing arms. And floppy hands. And whatever that is that I do with my head and neck.

Suffice it to say, I am a terrible runner, and it starts with the very basics… I run like a dip-shit.

Initially, I thought I was just sore, so Tuesday I started back on my Boring But Big challenge. It was an upper body day, so although I had some aches in my ankle, I didn’t notice too much ill effect. Aside from the fact that I spent the rest of the day dragging my right leg along behind me.

Then Wednesday morning rolled around and the pain was actually “pain.” If I’ve learned anything from lifting heavy, it’s how to distinguish regular old soreness from injury. And I hate to say it, but Thursday brought even more of this injurious discomfort.

Yesterday, it felt a lot better. Not enough to bang bang bang on the road, but I did some dead-lifts and squats. This brought on a new myriad of hurt, because I haven’t stretched out my quads in awhile, and I felt like they were legitimately tearing off of my body. But the agitated ankle didn’t get any sorer than it was, so ok.

This morning I had bench and abs day. If I don’t feel any better by Monday, I’m calling a doctor. In the meanwhile, my goal is to put together a more injury preventative system to integrate into my ultra plan. This includes more mobility work, better warm up practices, better and more regular stretching, and additional strength work specific to my running goals.

Not being able to do whatever I want whenever I want physically is seriously mentally draining. It’s made me completely aware of how reliant I am on being active, not just as a means to stay in shape, but as a way to relieve stress and keep me emotionally balanced. Stressors in my life – workplace and otherwise, manifest into me being a complete dick when I don’t have that option of release.

That’s when things get particularly ugly, I turn to food to take the edge off, and spend my time wallowing in the fact that my skinny jeans make me feel like toothpaste. I know in my right mind and heart that I could do yoga or Pilates in the meanwhile to try and find my zen, but the adrenaline aspect of crazy mountain runs just isn’t there.

So there’s my wrap up. I feel fat, I can’t walk right, and I suck at running. And I can’t do anything I want to do, so I’m just going to be bratty for a minute.

Next Week’s Goals: be able to run again. And lift heavy stuff thrice.

Ever find yourself really wanting to do something, but being held back because of an injury or another obstacle? How do you cope?

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