What Did I Ever Do To Deserve This?

I have managed to go all this time without being tagged for the dreadful meme, until yesterday. That evil, mean Luann at Lu’s News got me. You better be glad I like you Lu. Well, here goes:

3 names I go by: My real name is Deirdre (pronounced deer-druh). It is an Irish Gaelic name meaning sorrow. Dee is the nickname I took on because no one ever pronounces my real name correctly. My sisters pinned Dre-dre (pronounced druh-druh) on me, short for Deirdre.

3 screen names I’ve had: Disafox (get it? Dee is a fox), CrazyLikeAFox and SkittlesMarie (my dog’s name)

3 physical things I like about myself: I think I have a pretty good sense of humor. My boyfriend says my blue eyes were the first thing that attracted him to me but since I was wearing a tight tank top when we met, I think it was my big gazambas that attracted him.

3 parts of my heritage: Scottish, German, Cherokee

3 things I am wearing right now: A black top, black pants, and pink flip-flops. I never claimed to be a fashion plate.

3 favorite bands/musical artists: This is hard, I like so many. Growing up it was Def Leppard. Now I like Nickelback and Seether.

3 favorite songs: Dust In The Wind – Kansas, Whiskey In The Jar – Metallica and My Ding-A-Ling – Chuck Berry

3 things I want in a relationship: Loyalty, plenty of laughter, and lots of great sex.

3 physical things about the preferred sex that appeal to me: I like a man with a good sense of humor and a nice smile. A nice package doesn’t hurt.

3 favorite hobbies: I loved to paint in high school, but I just don’t have the money or the room to do it now so I stick to cross stitching as my creative outlet. I like to read also.

3 Things I want to do badly right now: Finish this post, turn off the computer and go back to bed.

3 things that scare me: Heights, Crowds, and Memes.

3 of my everyday essentials: Carmex lip balm, Curel hand lotion and lots of toilet paper.

3 Careers you have considered or are considering: Before I had a kid, I considered being a bounty hunter or working on a cruise ship. Lately, I have been dreaming of going back to school to be a computer programmer.

3 places you want to go on vacation: Alaska, Scotland, The Amazon.

3 kids’ names you like: Before my son was born, the girl’s name I had picked out was Courtney. I wanted to name him Andrew. I also like the name Rufus Xavier Sassparilla.

3 things you want to do before you die: Since I have never been on a plane, I would like to do that, lose some weight and bitch slap Tom Cruise.

3 ways I am stereotypically a boy: I never cross my legs, I hate wearing a dress and I laugh at farts.

3 ways I am stereotypically a girl: I like pink, I paint my toenails, boogers gross me out.

3 celeb crushes: I don’t know, I’m just not into celebs that much. Maybe Ty Pennington, Adam Sandler, and Tom Cruise, NOT!

Even though I am evil and mean, I am not going to tag anybody. I don’t need any more enemies.

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